Steez Gear Goes Hood

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They say its only an adventure when everything goes wrong – We’ll call this a half adventure.

The trip began with Laiken Jorhdal , Alan Splitter, and I departing Flagstaff on Tuesday the 17thfor Las Vegas. We picked up Steven Boldt and posted up in vegas for the night.

The next day found us in Mammoth where we picked up Brooks Peterson and set up a water tank jib. Brooks got in a fight with a tree, and I wouldn’t declare a winner, they both got messed up.

We rode Mammoth for a day; that mountain is insane, especially in spring; so many people are throwing down at any given second.

The next day we overnighted to Corvallis, OR for the OSU stop of Campus Rail Jam. Fun was had, and neither Alan nor I qualified for finals. After some couch surfing and general shenanigans we headed to hood the next day to get spring passes. Timberline is a crazy place to be in spring, the weather is different every chair ride. It might be completely murked outside when you walk out, but when you are riding it turns sunny just for you to drop, or the other way around. Either way, the jump line was prime when speed and visibility permitted and the rails steady even in the bad weather.

Throughout the inconsistent weather, our camp ground on the other side of the mountain managed to stay dry everyday, this is where we met rad people like Bob, Dylan, Pete, and other assorted ski bums living the life.

Unfortunately, Steven smacked his leg good and proper and contracted some gnarly infection that would place him flat in comaland within 48 hours. So we tripped to portland to ship him return to Wisconsin on Wednesday. Thursday, we cruised back to hood for a day, then back to P-town for Campus Rail Jam Finals which Alan and I were qualified for from the AZ stops. The level of riding at Finals was insane, and it was rad to be amongst it. Props to Khai, Pete, and Sam for killing it.

The next day, they moved the park on timberline up to the glacier, which tweaked things a bit, including my knee. General consensus decided we should drive to SLC and ride the milly tubes for a couple days in stead of hood. So we drove down over night saturday night.

SLC was fun for the few days we were there, until it was time to head home finally on monday night. Arrival in FLG at sunrise is a weird sensation after being on the road for so long, which doesn’t end any venture for my homeless self, but it is familiar territory at least. While this was the last of many silly trips this season, it is the first to be reported. We’ll just have to wait for next season for snowventures to recommence.

Til’ next time, remember oranges stoke stoke.

Alex Gaynor

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