Love for the ride

Posted on: February 24th, 2011 by admin No Comments

The weather is cooling down and we are starting to be abe to collect just enough snow to go set up pre season hit. The past couple of rounds have been sick, now we are just trying to keep that stoke in our sights for the season. This ver night we have another session in the works and everyone involved is sick with it. Nothing like being able to ride before the snow falls, that’s for sure, but it does take some extra work. Between shoveling a bunch of now into a truck only to take it somewhere and dump it back out can seem somewhat too much for the recreational rider. But to us, the dirt bag snowboard kids who have to ride for our lives, we don’t mind all that much. We also don’t mind the grass stains and inevitable cuts, scrapes and bruises that come with the territory of pre season jibbing. In the end though, when the snow does fall, the hill opens, and the park is fresh and new we will have our feet under us while others look for their boots in the back of the closet. So here’s a toast to gnarly, a gnarly set up, a gnarly jib and a gnarly crew., check out Josh’s blog for other jib pics and the goings on in the life of a young entrepreneur

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