Slush Season Steezin

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So its spring time, which of course means better goggle tans and sunny warm days surfing the slush. Its not all that bad, this winter season is giving way to summer and all the hobbies that come along with the sunny days. For those who have taken a knock this season and are immobilized in one way or another the summer means one step closer to getting back on track. After all, for many, this season wasn’t much to write home about. Super dangerous snow pack kept many out of the back country this year and a lot of skiers and riders were pretty disappointed with the snowfall. The industry of snow always depends on the elements, a dry year for snow means a dry year for shops, resorts, and ski slopes. That also means fewer seasonal jobs for a shorter season for all the ski bums who are trying to work and ride. Of course next year could be the “snowocolips” but we wouldn’t know until it happened. As for Steez Gear, we are taking the long off-season to prepare. Next season will be our third season and we plan to make moves. Steez Gear is putting the whole company under the microscope all over again, we are checking everything from our suppliers to our buyers. is being put through the paces by our excellent IT ladies, a shout out to Jenny and April, thanks for your support. Even the photographer is getting good things done in bigger places, Patrick knows the spots and is taking Steez photos to new heights. We are all Looking forward to fun in the sun and hope you are to. Thanx for reading at Steez

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