No Knuckling This Year

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Steez Team full time model.

So the first Steez Gear Event of this season has officially come and gone. We hit this thing as fast as we could because this years theme is “No Knuckling,” the plan is to hit the ski/snowboard world without coming up short. On that note, the SkiPro Pro Rail Jam was pretty rad, the set up was 100% better than last year. Their was no scissor lift involved for getting the athletes to the drop in and the event rolled onward without a hitch. Steez Gear was a Sponsor this year, and brought along Alan Splitter, Tyler Harris and Brooks Peterson for the comp circuit.

Brooksy found himself up against the guys from the Traveling Circus, a sick group of skiers who rep Line Skis out of Salt Lake City, Ut. But he hung tough with some real clean hits across the board. Tyler was getting his competition legs, but still threw down some creative lines. Steez Gear is psyched to have him on the circuit and we all can’t wait to see what he can do this year. Last but not least Mr. Splitter was killin it, with an excellent first round of creative and clean hits, all mixed in with the appropriate amount steez. His first round shot him into the finals and he snagged an excellent switch front one on, three sixty off of the rail in the finals. Despite some other good hits in the finals the Bear Mt. kids took 1st place home this year. We all can’t wait till next year to try and snag one for Az. On the business stand point the crowd was definitely interested in the quality gear we happen to be selling. One after another attendee was “looking for the mask that wouldn’t freeze,” lucky for them we happen to have that, with some steez. Everyone was also psyched on the gloves, headbands, and especially beanies. The next event is in the works and its looking in the general direction of Mammoth Mt.

PS. check out the new Steez Team full time model.

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