Colder Weather on its Way

Posted on: September 10th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Alright the weather is cooling down and we are trying to cool down the steez pricing for the new season. From a new apparel standpoint we want all the shredders out there to have the ability to grab a hold of our sick stuff. Being a die hard myself I know what it is like to pull some skimpy paychecks because your squeezing as many days out of every season as possible. So on that note the newest steez meet issue is our price block. We don’t want to sacrifice our quality or our materials. Mixing our fibers down with plastic to make it cheaper just is not an appealing option. So how do we get our super awesome wool products into the hands of the riders that need and deserve them the most? Ill let the wide world of the web know when we figure it out.

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