About Us

Steez Gear is the newest and sickest in the Snowboarding apparel world. We produce handmade and hand-dyed wool products from 100% Merino wool. FACT, Merino wool means it is super soft and wont itch or stink, both very necessary components of wool clothing. We make facemasks, big baggy beanies, warm winter headbands we call crowns, long arm gloves we like to call sleeves, and 8 foot long scarves. Not to mention that all of these products are made with our signature wild style wool colors, imagine all the colors you love for the snow and urban settings without adding any acrylic or polyester. We believe in keeping it real for the environment as well, if we can avoid using plastic in our processes it is left out. We use cardboard for packaging and wool is a renewable resource grown from sheep. If this biography isn’t good enough for you and there is more you gotta know, ask us on facebook or twitter.

Secrets O Wool

Merino wool is a natural fiber harvested from Merino sheep. But not all the wool makes the grade, only the finest and strongest fibers make the cut to become Steez products. The difference between merino wool and any other wool is its sturdy yet subtle properties. Merino does not itch or stink like other grades of wool and its finer and more insulating. The proof is in the pudding with this stuff, you won’t believe how warm it can be until you put it on and get out there and have some fun in the snow.